Seeking to find any volunteer opportunity which allowed me to work with children, I reached out to DeKalb Kids Project Inc. I was working multiple jobs and felt the need for a more fulfilling and rewarding way to spend my time besides sleeping in on the weekends. My first event was MBK where I served as a volunteer for the teens during the event. It was a great opportunity, I met some wonderful people, took some pictures, and witnessed a life changing event take place within the young men that were present. It was amazing as I watched the outwardly young men transform into sensitive young boys as they revealed their hearts and connected with the speakers. Moments like this add value to life and is what connected me with DeKalb Kids Project Inc.

Serving is apart of who I am and knowing that everything I do comes from the heart is the most rewarding part. I believe that everyone has something unique to offer. The very thing that you have to offer cannot be imitated, duplicated, or given on your behalf. You must arrive, be prepared, and present. Work hard and make it look easy! I’m a GSU alumna, BS in Managerial Science focusing on HR pursuing a career in Human Resources. I love God and serve in nearly every area from dance, Helps, intercession, and Fundraising. I spend my time volunteering with DKP as the organizations President, visiting friends and family, and trying to find the nearest park to relax! 

Message from the President:

I would like to thank the founders of DeKalb Kids Project, Inc. for allowing me to hold a position with DKP as it sits so close to their hearts. From the beginning I would like to show my gratitude by thanking you all. From the time I have taken the position as President I have seen nothing but growth personally and professionally. DKP has not only impacted the youth but has also made multiple strides to better the community. 

I have seen many lives blessed by our efforts, mindsets shifted, and a sense of joy shared through the eyes of the youth. In moving forward it is a goal to see more people giving their time serving the youth, inspired by their own passion, and allowing others to see their transformation. Titles mean nothing without passion, zeal, and drive. 

Our mission is to build leaders of DeKalb and that’s our main objective. We go the extra mile by giving our time and making sacrifices to hear how we helped to change a life.

Thank you,

Kaneica McNeil

Executive Team

Kaneica McNeil

Dominique Mcpherson

Content Writer / Journalist

Julian K. Smith Jr.

 Music Coordinator

our interns

Shanelle Camp

Jlynn Whitehead

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Andrew Paterson

Community Outreach

Saquoia Gillus


Walter Swanson III

Our Founders!

Tiijon DaCosta

This organization has been uniquely designed based on the principles of God’s unconditional love, compassion and concern for the youth and the desire to reconstitute the communities throughout DeKalb County. Founded by brothers Tiijon DaCosta Sr. and Diijon DaCosta and their cousin Dawit Willis, DKP was developed based off of the founders’ childhoods and mentoring they received by members of the community upon first moving to DeKalb County in 1989.

Diijon Dacosta

DKP thoroughly stresses the importance of education to each student and reaching their fullest potential. DKP utilizes the expertise of tutoring, extracurricular activities and mentoring to positively influence each child on an individual level. The organization firmly believes in providing each child with the necessary tools and skills to fulfill their passion, make their visions a reality and obtain physical, emotional and mental wellness with the assistance of parents, educators and community leaders.

Dawit Willis

The founders stand firmly on the belief that strong connections, communication and involvement in academics between teachers, community leaders and parents benefits all parties in successfully raising each child to cultivate phenomenal character traits that they will possess for a lifetime. DeKalb Kids Project, Inc. consistently engages in developing self-confidence and self-discipline within their community.



  • Find where you fit in! 
  • Initiative 
  • All leaders should rise to the occasion 
  • Lift each other up 
  • Communication 
  • Use each other as a resource
  • Selfless  
  • Continuous support