DeKalb Kids Project Pledge

I pledge to commit myself to excellence, effort, and opportunity throughout my life to make my environment and community a much better place for the individuals who will follow in my footsteps.


DeKalb Kids Project, Inc. is not just a name or brand it is more than that. It embodies the essence of love and hope. We are a 501c3 nonprofit founded in DeKalb County with the ultimate goal of rebuilding DeKalb starting with the youth. We spend countless hours learning and cultivating relationships with the youth in our hearts and on our minds. Strategizing on how to grasp their attention, speak to their hurts and pains, connecting with the lost, and inspiring the youth of all ages to desire to achieve more in life is all we hope for. Our team is dedicated to the youth because we know that the future is in their hands. We invite you to help us build our future leaders!

DeKalb Kids Project, Inc.


DeKalb Kids Project Incorporated (DKP) is a non-profit organization (501(c)3 that takes immense pride in our mission to create projects and opportunities geared toward today’s youth that will challenge and inspire them to become future leaders in our community. Our passion and devotion for the youth is fueled by our vision of bridging the gap between their homes, the community, and the school system. DeKalb Kids Project Inc. utilizes a more hands-on approach with empowering our youth such as the following:

  • Providing life skills training and giving behavioral assistance to at-risk youth.
  • Enhancing the students’ confidence and self-esteem by encouraging academic excellence and endorsing community involvement.
  • Providing real world experiences and opportunities that enrich students’ lives by giving them the freedom of creativity and self-expression, while teaching the importance of good decision-making skills. 

DeKalb Kids Project Inc. focuses on academic excellence and improving student performance. We travel throughout DeKalb County, Ga. recognizing students that show academic improvements. 


Born or raised in DeKalb County, GA!

DeKalb Kids Project. Inc. is not just for the youth, rather the organization is for everyone of all ages. There is always an opportunity for someone to lend a helping hand, vision, or resources to aid in building a stronger DeKalb.  

Proud products of DeKalb County, GA!

DeKalb Kids Project, Inc. is a non-profit organization that is committed to youth development. We design projects that give the youth positive alternatives and provides opportunities for a successful future. We engage the youth through social groups and constructive activities that help them successfully navigate the transition into adulthood. 

Community involvement is the key!

DeKalb Kids Project, Inc. is committed to improving student achievement through personal outreach. We believe that the vision of one person can make a huge difference! We encourage the community to become more involved by volunteering or to serving the youth through our mentoring program.

Here Is What We VALUE


We want you to embrace change and to effectively anticipate the unexpected. To be excited about working for DKP, take pride in your work, and outwardly express your enthusiasm. It is our goal to utilize the strengths of our volunteers to enhance our outreach and with your excitement, this goal can easily be achieved!  


We want our volunteers to be committed to our projects, looking for ways to make them better and more fulfilling to everyone involved. We want to make sure we are able to clearly express who we are, why we do it, and stand behind our words with our work ethic.


Understand the culture, what’s going on in hip hop, social media trends and topics, and to be culturally aware of what’s going on from the eyes of the younger generation. Our desire is to meet the youth and help to take them to the next level. 

Remain Humble

With each successful event, recognition will follow. It is our goal that each participant remains humble, accept recognition, and strive to enhance your skills and abilities. You must always be willing to learn from others and open to constructive criticism. Learn and share your knowledge.

Sense of Urgency

Many of our projects have deadlines and we strive to meet them in advance. We partner and collaborate with various organizations and to successfully meet our goals we must have a team with a sense of urgency. These people strive to complete each task as it is given without delay and make sure each portion is completed to perfection.


Listening skills are very important but one must comprehend. One must be able to effectively understand direction and apply it to each task, assignment, or project. We must use our comprehension skills to develop better communication within our organization.

Connecting Our Targeted Areas



The home is reached by cultivating relationships with the parents, the community is impacted through our creative events, and the schools are impacted by the student engagement, which gives them motivation to excel in their education. We form relationships with the parents to find the issues and interests of the kids, create community events which spark their interest, and encourage their education through instilling principles, morals, and discipline which impacts their grades.